The Moblito Muxtape!

Image courtesy of Algierz

The Moblito Muxtape

I had no idea what the hell a Muxtape was until very recently. I did some quick research and learned about it. It seems like it’s been catching on pretty quickly and music heads generally like it. I also like the concept a lot although there are numerous improvements that still need to be made to make it more user friendly.

In memory of Pimp C, I decided to make my Muxtape a compilation of overlooked/obscure U.G.K. tracks. Below are some words about each track.

DJ DMD featuring Pimp C – “The Trill Connection”
From DJ DMD’s acclaimed album Twenty-Two: PA Worldwide.

U.G.K. – “Like Yesterday”
From The Southern Way.

U.G.K. – “Bump and Grill”
From the I Got the Hook Up soundtrack.

U.G.K. – “You Don’t Know Me”
I’ve forgotten for what album, if any, this song was intended.

Pimp C – “Play Hard”
Allegedly Pimp C and Master P had major beef (something about C being kidnapped and beaten in a hotel room by some of P’s goons). Anyway, this song is C’s response and he sounds pretty heated. A lot of subliminal shots are thrown at Master P and No Limit Records throughout the track.

David Banner & Pimp C – “Get Crunk”
This track is from Firewater Boyz, an old David Banner cd. The sound and vibe are classic U.G.K.

Smoked Outt Records featuring Pimp C – “Cop Yo Drop”
C and Lil Derrick (R.I.P. to Derrick) collaborate on this track.

One Gud Cide featuring U.G.K. – “Down Here”
One Gud Cide released some great music in the 1990’s, as did many others on the Suave House label. I highly recommend checking out some of their stuff.

U.G.K. – “Family Affair”
From the Baller Blockin soundtrack.

U.G.K. – “Tossed Up”
A funky track on Mean Green’s excellent Major Players compilation album from No Limit.

U.G.K. – “Belts To Match”
From The Wood soundtrack.

U.G.K. featuring Too Short – “It’s Alright”
From the Dangerous Ground soundtrack.

“I Know Why”
Gucci Mane and Rich Boy are simply okay and tolerable on this track, but C steals the show with a comical verse.


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