Some New Songs…

That I’ve been feeling recently.

Rapper Big Pooh – “Smile”
A feel good track from Pooh. He raps about his parents and struggles in a heartfelt manner. The beat goes hard too. I believe it was produced by Young RJ, a Detroit based producer whose done some excellent work for other Detroit area rappers like Phat Kat and Slum Village.

Grand Puba – “Cold World”
Puba sounds like he’s got a chip on his shoulder. While he doesn’t name anyone in particular, it’s apparent from the lyrics that many people have done wrong by him the past and he’s trying to put it behind him and regain some respect. I applaud his grind and persistence. If this is any indication of what Puba has in store, he will definitely make a few waves this year in the industry.

Playa’s Circle – “Look What I Got”
This is a candidate for beat of the year, but I wish the rapping complemented it a bit better. Whenever I get an instrumental version, I’ll post it.

Wale – “Rediscover Me”
I’m probably relatively late to react to this song, but f*ck it. Aqua (producer for Jay-Z’s “My First Song”) made the beat (which is very soulful btw) and Wale just raps about himself and what makes him a noteworthy, relevant emcee.

Kia Shine, 8Ball, and Young Buck – “The Kush”
Tennesee in the house! The song is a bit long (almost 8 minutes), but the last couple minutes features Shine talking over the instrumental, which is fine because the beat is phenomenal – a funky, jazzy, laid back type of vibe that reminds me something Willie Hutch would have played.

Some new Slow Motion Soundz/Paper Route tracks:
Lyrx, ST 2 Lettaz, and Jhi Ali – “Beat Down Low”
A lady-friendly track that bangs hard enough for the fellas. Lyrx sings for most of the song. ST and Jhi Ali contribute some solid verses. I really like Jhi Ali’s part at the end when the beat changes tempo. A highly enjoyable track overall.

Bi-Pola – “Like A Model”
A cool song about women who handle their shit. Along the lines of Webbie’s “I.N.D.E.P.E.N.D.E.N.T.” Check it out!

Let me also add that Block Beataz handles the production quite well on both SMS/PRG tracks.


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