Random Songs…

From a couple mixtapes that came out within the past month from Rich Boy and Houston representative Killa Kyleon. The mixtape from Rich Boy is titled Bigger Than The Mayor and Killa Kyleon’s is called Killa Music. Both are decent.

From Bigger Than The Mayor:
“Wrist Out The Window” featuring Shawty Lo and Gucci Mane
If you have a system in your car, please play this because the beat on this track is seriously thumpin! Shawty Lo and Gucci Mane contribute some vocals to the track, with the latter only being featured on a sample on the chorus.

“Haters Wish”
The chorus uses a couple of lines from “Throw Some D’s On It.” The beat is really chill, which is a nice change of pace given the hyped and urgent vibe that Rich Boy often gives on his songs.

“Supafly” featuring 334 Mob
A funky sample makes the appropriately titled “Supafly” a highly enjoyable listen from start to finish.

From Killa Season
“Father Forgive Me”
A lovely, laid back soundscape and some cool rhymes from Kyleon make this song noteworthy. It’s only 1min 20secs long.

“Hand On My Grain”
A short, but sweet and banging track that has been on repeat. In fact, I think I listened to this about 20 times today on my commute from home to work and back. The subject matter is far from thought provoking (grippin wood grain, sippin drank, blowin dank), but I’ll be damned if any true Houston rap fan doesn’t get a little amped listening to this.

“Not A G Like Me” featuring Pimp C
Sadly, Pimp C doesn’t rap a verse on this track. Instead, Kyleon uses some classic soundbites from an interview C did back he was going nuts and talking recklessly about a slew of emcees and the state of hip-hop. Kyleon builds on the C’s comments and talks about phony rappers, etc. Pretty enjoyable listen, especially with Pimp C’s hilarious and occasionally insightful rantings.


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