Some More SMS/PRGz!

I’ve been getting feedback about the SMS/PRGz music posted over the last week and I’m glad that more people are getting hip to what those guys have been doing. Due to the positive feedback, SMS/PRGz will likely become a fixture on this site for the time being. I’ll be posting more songs, including some exclusives, in the upcoming days. Shout out to Codie G!

Todays Theme: Betta Half

Tha Untold

Betta Half is a duo made up of two members, Roy Antonio and Dizzy. They come with a multitude of styles, so it’s hard to them in a box. The group’s album, Tha Untold, released last year is quite impressive. Below are some links to some of my favorite songs by the duo:

Betta Half – “Flickin”

A real laidback, spaced out type of beat. Both rappers ride the beat well, with whispher-type flows throughout. This is my favorite song by the group thus far. From Tha Untold

Betta Half – “Hard Times”
There’s a woman, Andrea Smith, who sings the hook and she does a great job of it. Cool storytelling by the emcees too. From Tha Untold.

Betta Half – “Relax”
The apporpriately titled “Relax” is from a cd of leftovers from the duo. How this didn’t end up on Tha Untold or any other official SMS/PRGz release still baffles me. This is a very good track, just as good anything else from any of the official releases from SMS/PRGz.

Betta Half – “I’m Straight”
Besides “Flickin,” this is my favorite song from Tha Untold. The beat change is fantastic. Check it out!

Link to Betta Half’s MySpace page.

I’ll also post songs by other up and coming rappers, mostly Southern, whose material I think has been overlooked. Be on the lookout.


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