Slow Motion Soundz/Paper Route Recordz Week

Because my previous SMS/PRGz post has been getting a lot of hits and because I dig these guys’ music a lot, I’ll post a bunch of random songs from SMS/PRGz for the next week. Included with the links will be videos and pictures of the artists and other related links. Enjoy!

Today’s Theme: Jackie Chain

Jackie Chain, like damn near everyone from SMS/PRGz, is from Huntsville Alabama. What’s unusual about him is that he’s half white, half Korean. There’s more biographical information about him a few other publications, namely Ozone Magazine.

Here are some songs by him that I like:

Jackie Chain – “Blinded By The Light”
I bugged out when I first heard the song because of my fondness for what it samples. The beat change during the chorus is really dope. Blockbeataz hooked up Jackie quite nicely.

Bonus: Video for Manfred Man – “Blinded By The Light”

Jackie Chain & Jhi-Ali – “Rollin”
There’s another version of this song featuring Rich Boy, but this version is still my favorite.

Video for the song sampled by Rollin: Robert Miles – “Children”

Jackie Chain – “Shades(Remix)”
This is a remix of a song he did earlier with ST of G-Side. The beat is super smooth, reminds of something that Pimp C would’ve made. From his mixtape last year with DJ Burn One titled Who Am I. This is definitely some of his best work.

Here’s a link to the original “Shades” featuring ST.

Video for “Snap’n”
This is a really low budget video for a song from his mixtape last year. I’m not particularly fond of the song, but I found the video to be entertaining.



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