K-Rino’s Rap Tips of the Week

Legendary Houston emcee K-Rino has been releasing tips on the music industry each week on youtube. A lot of the says should be obvious to any artist, but sometimes the obvious needs to be said lest one forget. He expresses himself pretty well and makes really good points. Much of what he says is inspired by his own experiences. After all, he’s been in the game for 20+ years.

Here’s some video clip links:

Tip #1: Organize your shows.

Tip #2: Know your history, give respect to your predecessors who laid the foundation.

Below are the rest of the links that I managed to find:

Tip #3: Stress substance over style.

Tip #4 (Cameo by Z-Ro): Have a good work ethic, be prolific and record a large body of work.

Tip #5: Support other artists in the way you want to be supported and don’t associate with those who don’t support you well.

Tip #6: Budget wisely, don’t waste funds on trying to get popular rappers. Diversify instead.

Tip #7: If you’re in a group, be sure to be competent and original. Check group members who don’t pull their own weight.

Check out the South Park Coalition website. SPC is a collective of Houston area rappers, etc founded in 1986 by K-Rino. It has a bunch of good content such as interviews, audio, etc.


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