If Hip-Hop Was a Woman…

This article at Word Magazine contains responses from several prominent emcees to the question “If hip-hop was a woman, what would she look like?”

Here are some of the responses:

“She would probably be a tall, big bitch with big feet or something˜A pretty bitch with big feet. I don’t know. Maybe too much cellulite on her ass because of all the bullshit [in hip-hop].”
— Raekwon

“I think she would be a beautiful, unique person. I think she’d be like a melting pot of different races, different religions, different cultures. When I think of hip-hop, that’s the thing I think of more than anything, because you got all different types of skin color, cultures, religions involved. Me, I’m a little bit white, a little bit Asian and then I look like a little bit Spanish. That’s my whole thing when I think of hip-hop, so I would say that: Multi-cultural.”
— DJ Smallz

“Right now? She’d be a very ugly woman. Hip-hop is ugly right now…. It’s very negative right now, [and] negativity, to me, equals ugliness. [Pause] And a very stupid woman, too.”
— Lupe Fiasco


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