Great Quote About Young Jeezy


From 2005 in the Status Ain’t Hood blog at the Village Voice website, when Jeezy dropped his classic debut album, Thug Motivation 101: Let’s Get It .

“Jeezy’s nihilism is sort of the flipside of [Kanye West’s] humanism; Let’s Get It is one endless celebration of Jeezy’s drug sales, the album T.I. always should’ve made. Absolutely nothing interrupts Jeezy’s relentless drug talk; there’s precious little remorse or regret to be found …Jeezy’s not a good rapper on the level of, say, Mr. Lif or Kurupt or Sadat X, but he’s a great rapper in ways that those guys never could be. He sounds huge and immortal and bulletproof; his greasy rasp sinks into beats and makes them sound like these eternal documents of hardness. He’s the action-movie villain you end up rooting for, just because he’s so much smarter and more interesting and better-prepared than the hero–Dennis Hopper in Speed or Land of the Dead, but with the added weight and desperation of race and class. He doesn’t talk about selling drugs because he likes being evil; he does it because it was one of the only options available to him; there’s revelry and glee in his voice, but there’s also a sort of grim determinism…”

Very well put.


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