Get Hip to Slow Motion Soundz/Paper Route Recordz


Hailing from Huntsville, Alabama, Slow Motion Soundz/Paper Route Recordz (SMS/PRGz) is a huge collective of emcees and producers who’ve made significant strides over the past year due to an incredible string of excellent tracks. Although the first hit single from the collective, “Lacs and Prices,” featuring T.I. was released in 2003, SMS/PRGz did not achieve worldwide acclaim until 2007 with “Woodgrain.”

SMS/PRGz is very musically inclined as evidenced by the stellar production that’s been featured on so many of its artists songs. Block Beataz, the in-house production team comprised of Mali Boi, CP, Frank Nitti and Arkitek has worked prolifically over the past few years releasing 20+ albums and mixtapes. Some of my favorite beats from the team include those used for “Woodgrain,” “Blinded By The Light,” “Rollin’” and “Naturalz,” but the list of their exemplary production is quite exhaustive and could easily be made into multi-disc anthology. From lush and smooth R&B to Techno to hard-hitting, bass-heavy jams, Block Beataz is one of the most versatile hip-hop production squads around.

The emcees on the label complement the production. Two of the standouts, ST 2 Lettaz from G-Side and Jackie Chain, have some of the smoothest flows and cleverest, most charismatic lyrics of any emcee doing it right now. ST can be heard on the G-Side album, titled Sumthin 2 Hate. Not surprisingly, his solo songs from the G-Side album, “Do My Thing” and “This Thug” are fantastic. Jackie Chain is featured on various songs from SMS/PRGz such as the aforementioned “Rollin’,” and “Blinded by the Light.” Chain’s mixtape, Who Am I from last year with DJ Burn One made for good listening as well. Also worth mentioning is Mata, whose track is “Tha Streetz” was a highlight from 07. Jhi Ali is another notable rapper out of the collective, whose mixtape My Way showcased his oft-energetic, sing-songy flow. There are other solid emcees from SMS/PRGz, but these guys roll so deep that it would take too long to go through the complete roster.

Look for the SMS/PRGz album, Still Headlinin’ coming soon in 2008 and a mixtape titled Fear and Loathing in HuntsVegas with Diplo.

Some Notable SMS/PRGz Solo Artists and Groups:

Solo Artists
ST 2 Lettaz
Jackie Chain
Jhi Ali
Dawgy Baggz
Money Addict

Betta Half

G-Side – Sumthin’ 2 Hate
Paper Route Recordz – Hood Headlinerz
Betta Half- Tha Untold

Here’s a link to piece about Paper Route in URB Magazine.

Some other webpages for SMS/PRGz affiliates

I’ll be sure to post some links to some of my favorite songs by them in a few days…


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