Should Rappers Be Republicans?


“[George W. Bush] is incredible. He’s a gangsta… I wanna meet [Bush], just shake his hand and tell him how much of me I see in him… I would have voted for [Bush].”

– 50 Cent, in a 2005 interview in GQ Magazine.

I stumbled upon an old but fascinating article earlier today about rappers and Republicans. Some interesting points were made about the similarities in the ideals rappers express and the ideals of the GOP. The shared Rap and Republican values listed in the article are:

– A vigorous support of private ownership and corporate activity
– Stark opposition to homosexuality
– A belief in the right to bear arms
– The principle of preemptive attacks to protect one’s way of life
– Support of strong family associations
– Promotion of the value of individual hard work, i.e., anti-affirmative action

Let me add that Republicans have a reputation for loving to earn and spend heaps of money, just like many of the most prominent emcees.


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